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Planejamento de ensino

Plano de aula
Uma bússola para dirigir bem seu dia-a-dia

Planejamento de ensino: peculiaridades significativas

Sobre prática pedagógica, planejamento e metodologia do ensino: a articulação necessária

Microsoft PowerPoint - Plano de aula -Metodologia do Ensino ...

Como fazer um Plano de aula!

Projetos e planos de aula


Bons links para pesquisa em Química

Selected Internet Resources - Chemistry

[image: Library of Congress Standard
Disclaimer]<http://www.loc. gov/global/ disclaim. html>



The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources for the Secondary Education Teacher on the
WWW <http://www.thecatal>
This site contains resources for both chemistry teachers and students. Links
are divided into topical categories such as general, experiments, history,
periodic tables, and software. It is also available in Spanish.

CCD: ChemicalExper Chemical Directory <http://www.chemexpe>
This is a site where one can search for basic physical data and suppliers of
chemicals by registry number, molecular formula, chemical name or synonyms
in different languages.

ChemDex <http://www.chemdex. org/>
http://www.chemdex. org
This site is links to other sites about chemistry. The links are arranged by
categories so that the content of the linked pages is readily discernible. <http://www.chemfind>
This site allows searching by chemical name, CAS number, molecular number or
molecular weight. Basic physical information is returned as well as
synonyms, DOT Number, EPA Code, and links to additional information.

Chemical Achievers<http://www.chemheri classroom/ chemach/index. html>
http://www.chemheri classroom/ chemach/index. html
Chemical Achievers: The Human Face of the Chemical Sciences. From the
Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Chemical <http://www.chemical elements. com/index. html>
http://www.chemical elements. com/index. html
Chemical is an interactive periodic table of the elements.
Entries include Basic Information, Atomic Structure, Isotopes, Facts, and
Related Links.

Chemistry for Life <http://www.chemforl>
Users can visit the Virtual Gallery and do experiments online. "Eight Global
Messages of Chemistry" are available for viewing as QuickTime movies.

Steve Marsden's Chemistry Resources for Students and
Teachers<http://www.chemtopi html>
Steve Marsden's site is a collection of internet resources grouped under
headings such as WWW Links, Elements, Lectures, Demos, and Labs.

CHEMystery: The Virtual Textbook <http://library. thinkquest. org/3659>
http://library. thinkquest. org/3659
This site is a virtual textbook, which gives basic descriptions of chemical
terms that are useful to introductory chemistry students.

Data for General, Organic, and Physical
Chemistry<http://wulfenite. Data%20/Data. html>
http://wulfenite. Data /Data.html
This site contains tables of useful data for general, organic and physical
chemistry. Some data included are electronegativities , enthalpies of
formation, ionization energies, electron affinities, bond energies and bond
lengths and much more.

MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules) <http://www.nyu. edu/pages/ mathmol>
http://www.nyu. edu/pages/ mathmol
This website gives an introduction to molecular modeling and offers examples
of products available for educational purposes.

The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and
Uncertainty<http://physics. cuu/index. html>
http://physics. cuu/index. html
This site provides a searchable database of values of constants and a
searchable bibliography.

NIST WebBook <http://webbook.>
This site provides searchable access to the data compiled and distributed by
the National Institute of Standards and Technology such as thermochemical
and thermophysical data, IR spectra, and mass spectra.

Organic Chemistry Web Site Links <http://organicdivis html>
http://organicdivis html
This site gives links to many other sites that are useful for general as
well as organic chemists. Links include chemistry portals, databases,
nomenclature, and named reaction sites.

Science Help Online - Chemistry<http://www.fordhamp sho/sho/>
http://www.fordhamp sho/sho/
This site could be used as a supplement to instruction in the classroom or
as a tutorial for students who need a little extra help.

Spectra Online <http://spectra. galactic. com/>
http://spectra. galactic. com/
This is a free search service, which provides access to over 6,000 spectra.
The database can be searched using compound name, CAS number, molecular
formula, molecular weight or through spectrum matching. Spectra are FT-IR,
UV-Vis, Raman, NIR, and MS.

ThermoDex: An Index of Selected Thermodynamic Data
Handbooks<http://thermodex. lib.utexas. edu/>
http://thermodex. lib.utexas. edu/
This is a searchable index of printed handbooks and compilations of
thermodynamic and thermophysical data. It is useful for finding which
handbook might contain the data needed. The cataloging system used is that
of the Library of Congress.

University of Georgia Environmental Safety Services Right To Know
This site provides links to Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other
sources of information for pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

WebElements Periodic Table <http://www.webeleme>
This site gives element information including names in four languages,
historical information, uses and physical, electronic, and nuclear

<http://www.ilpi. com/msds/ index.html>Web Links for
Chemists<http://www.liv. links/links. html>
http://www.liv. links/links. html
This is a site of links for chemists divided up into categories and
sub-categories. Contains useful reference information for colleges and
universities looking for funding and publications.

Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets on the
Internet<http://www.ilpi. com/msds/ index.html>
http://www.ilpi. com/msds/ index.html
Indexes include general sites, government agencies, chemical manufacturers,
and links to pesticide information.
http://www.loc. gov/rr/scitech/ selected- internet/ chemistry. html

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ensino de ciências através de quradrinhos

livro ensina ciência usando histórias em quadrinhos.
http://gibitecacom. blogspot. com/2008/ 01/livro- ensino-cincias- atravs-de- histrias. html

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